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Avast is an internationally popular software company that is specifically known for the security software it provides on the internet. Having its place among the top most antivirus software companies all across the globe, Avast software gets to receive numerous calls for customer service on a regular basis. Being a well known software provider company and promising you the safest protection from the internet bug, one should rightly know that Avast comes with a certain amount of written fee for both the purpose of business and for customer support that is based on the phone. The plans consist of support plans that can be purchase with a reasonable fee amount in case of needing help from the customer support where you are not willing to pay, you are required to contact with the online help desk of Avast.

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The various reasons people call and contact with Avast Customer Support?

Below mentioned is a list of reasons why people call the Avast customer support:

  • Installation help
  • Troubleshooting and Technical support
  • Cancelation or change in current subscriptions
  • Inquiries related to the billing
  • Training that is required for using the products from Avast

What type of problems can the Avast Customer Service Team Resolve?

The Avast customer service team members are skilled and experienced enough to resolve most of the issues by mobile, which includes the process of installing, concerns related to the billing, troubleshooting the errors and malfunctioning, and training of the users in getting the maximum benefit in results from their Avast products.

What type of problems cannot be resolved by the Avast Customer Service Team?

The experts at Avast customer service can help in detecting malfunctioning and incompatibilities between the operating system and hardware of your computer and between the Avast software and might provide work arounds. There might be a situation where aligning and resolving the complexities won't be possible by the support team of Avast. It becomes your responsibility to make adjustments as per your requirements.

  • Customer Support Number- 866-951-7679
  • Phone number- 866-951-7679
  • Call back facility- YES
  • Call picking by a real person and not bot- YES
  • Department you're calling- Technical Support Team
  • Hour of calling- 24 hours, 7 days
  • Best time to ring- 10:45 am
  • Change phone maze to human- Just wait
  • Current wait- 22
  • Phone number rank- 1
  • Rank Overall- 1
  • Alternative ways- phone, web, mail
  • Communication quality- 84%
  • Help quality- 59%
  • Customer votes- 6,251

The best toll free customer phone number

This phone number is the best phone number of Avast. This phone number has features like the real time policy, current wait on hold option, and other tools that allow you to skip the annoying phone lines in order to get straight to any of the Avast experts. There are 23,130 customers just like you have been using this contact information for an approximation of 18 months, got a positive result, and also gave us positive feedback. This is the reason this number is known as Avast's best phone number. Service of transfer, Change of Plan, Misplaced or a Broken Phone, Deleted Service, Device Support, and many other customer service problems are some of the major issues faced on this number of Avast. Therefore, to serve you right, we request you to share your problems so as to avoid any difficulties on our customer's side and to improve the quality of results.

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How to contact Avast?

Avast's best helpline number is 866-951-7679 is, which is a toll free number and can be ringed up for help. There are 4 possible ways to contact the Avast support team. The other best way to contact their customer support team is by telling GetHuman about the issue that you are facing and leaving it up to their experts to find out the best possible ways to resolve that particular problem that you are going through. Other than calling, the next best option for the Avast users who are looking for help could be availing the online help service for customers which is a chat process. If you still think there is inaccuracy in the information provided. you can get to know about other ways too. For that, you have to contact Avast and by doing so, you can compare all the information of various contact that has been gathered for Avast!.

The relation between GetHuman and Avast

In a nutshell, we can say that the two companies are different and not related. GetHuman is a company that builds tools that are free and distributes that information between the Avast customers. Companies that are huge make sure that they include tools such as the GetHuman mobile that allows you to make calls to a company and ignoring or skipping the part where you are forced to listen to the music that kills your time. This feature helps you in getting away from unwanted listening to technology tune that wastes your time. These shortcuts and apps were facilitated in order to help our users in having an easy service by keeping away the messy phone numbers, times of call on hold, and customer service complexity, especially in large companies. We are happy to serve you and we wish that you share about us with your family and friend, and close ones.

Get help from an expert who is live

Our company has partners in companies based in the US that have a tech support team of experts who are available for a live chat 24*7. You can get our low cost trial membership for a week and get consulted with Avast experts, live.