How to Fix Avast Antivirus Not Working Error?

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Among one of the most trusted and broadly used antivirus software, Avast stands on the top software available in the market. Avast software ensures security and protection against cyber attacks, threats, viruses, and malware. A lot of people from all across the world use Avast antivirus for the protection of their computers. However, there also have been too many problems with the software. One of the most common issues identified by the consumers is the error that shows antivirus not working.

It is common for you to also face the same problem with Avast, if you go through this blog entirely, it will help you in fixing the issue. We have here shared solutions for troubleshooting that help you with fix the Avast antivirus not working problem on your computer. It is recommended that you continue reading and find the basic and effective steps to get rid of the existing issue.

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Why is My Avast Antivirus Not Working?

There could be a number of possible reasons why you must be facing Avast not working problem on your personal computer. Below mentioned is a list of factors that are mostly seen why this problem mostly arises. It is important for you in determining the reason behind the error and also to find out the best solutions for fixing it: Your Avast antivirus software may not work under the following conditions:

⦁ There has been corruption n the Avast antivirus software installation.

⦁ The antivirus service is not running the way it is supposed to run.

⦁ Invalid Avast password.

After knowing the possible reasons that is hampering your antivirus software in its functioning, you can now proceed on to the next step and follow these basic troubleshooting guide to fix the error of Avast antivirus not working:

The troubleshooting steps to Fix Avast Not Working Error:

1. Repairing the Avast Antivirus Software

If You are unable to open the Avast software even after installation, the best thing to be done for fixing the error is by repairing the software. What you have to do is navigate the control panel and use the option of a repair wizard. Certain adjustments might be required to be made as it may not be applicable for all people because of the varying settings of different software.

⦁ The first step requires logging in as an administrator, otherwise, you cannot delete the programs with the help of another account.

⦁ Click on the “Start” menu, go to the “control panel”. Go to the settings with gear option on your Windows 10 Personal Computer.

⦁ Choose the option of “View as Category” from the control panel that is present on the top right corner of your computer screen.

⦁ Choose the “uninstall a program” option.

⦁ Find the Avast antivirus on the control panel and click for repairing or uninstalling it.

⦁ An installation wizard appears on the screen that consists of options for the update, modification, repair, and for uninstallation. Select the repair option here and click on the next button.

⦁ A pop-display message will appear on your screen for confirmation.

⦁ Choose the “finish” button.

⦁ Restart your personal computer.

⦁ The “Avast antivirus not working” problem will now be solved and your computer is free from online and cyber threats again.

2. Restarting the Avast Antivirus Software

One can restart the service of software if their Avast free antivirus not working. to fix the issue. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow:

⦁ From the system, press the ” Windows + r” Key

⦁ Type “services.msc” in the Run box and press Ok.

⦁ The “Service Tool” window appears on the screen.

⦁ In this window, search for the “Avast antivirus service” and right-click on it.

⦁ Visit the “properties” section.

⦁ HIt the “Stop” button if you see that the service shows open.

⦁ Then you can restart with the service again.

It is important to set the “Startup Type” menu to ‘automatic’ before proceeding.

3. Cleaning the Installation

A clean installation of Avast antivirus software helps you in fixing the issue of Avast antivirus not working error on your machine. Execution of the clean reinstallation is an easy process and it will help you in resolving the issues that the above methods may not have been successful in fixing. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow:

⦁ Go to the Avast antivirus official website and from there download the latest version of antivirus software for your computer.

⦁ Download ” Avast uninstall utility” and in your system.

⦁ After the files have been downloaded, you are required to disconnect your system from the internet.

⦁ Then restart your computer in a safe mode.

⦁ Press the “Windows + r” key, from there open the run dialogue box.

⦁ Type “MSConfig”.

⦁ Hit the OK button.

⦁ A system configuration box appears on the screen, here click on the ” boot” button.

⦁ Check the box present next to the safe boot.

⦁ Click on the Ok button

⦁ Restart your computer.

4. Update your Avast Antivirus software

The old version of your software is one of the reasons that the Avast software is not opening. We thus recommend you to update your Avast antivirus software with the latest version available on the genuine software. Here is the step-by-step guide that you can follow:

⦁ Go to the “settings”.

⦁ Click on the “Avast” option.

⦁ Select the “Update” option.

⦁ Wait the update process is getting completed. It may take a while.

⦁ Restart the computer.

So, these are few easy steps that can help you in fixing your Avast antivirus not working issue on your computer.

In order to set up the antivirus software on your computer, it is important that you to make sure you are following the Avast Antivirus Setup steps properly. The incorrect installation of antivirus is the main reason that the customers are unable to get the best service from us. We hope that these steps you read above will help you in resolving your problem and you can smoothly continue using the Avast antivirus software for protecting your device from online attacks.

The technical support team at All Antivirus Support is available for its customers around the clock for helping and sharing the best possible solutions to fix the Avast antivirus that is not working problem after we analyze the error. You can reach the experts in our team whenever you require help via call, chat, or mail +1 123 456 7890, +1 987 654 3213. We will reply to you immediately and give a quick solution for fixing the error and ensuring that your device is protected with the help of our software.

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