Five ways in which McAfee security solution will give you a Total Protection

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The criminals behind the rising Cyber crimes and cyber threats do not spare anyone and can target anyone using your app; if you want to keep your users safe, it is your choice. Mobile apps that hold the private and important information of their users, should necessarily work in an environment that is safe and protected, and this is not just limited to the banking apps. The cyber criminals also target discount cards, cryptocurrency, mobile banking wallets, and many more. McAfee is the Best Anti-Malware Management software that must be considered of installing for a Total Protection to your mobile applications.

The ones who created such apps do not know if a user’s device is protected or not, or if the users are prepared for any cyber threats. You cannot just sit and hope that your customer is having a solution for their mobile security, it is always better to previously in build your app development with the technologies that will give an additional user protection. McAfee security solutions will provide you safety from these five activities:

1. Presence of a malicious software

A popular threat, that is malware will harm your computer from a different type of source from which a user installs an application on their mobile phones or tablet. One is not guaranteed of safety even when they are using official app stores for app download.

The cyber attackers are becoming quite advanced and growing with their inventions in the current years. The newest spyware comes with a wide range of advanced functions. There a variety of malware, and they have got the ability to intercept app notifications, messages, address PIN, and even the screen lock patterns. Not just that, they also can steal your most secured 2 Factor Authorization codes that you receive for verification from Google Authenticator and they can see what is going on in the victim’s screen at a particular time.

Malware has the ability to lay the app windows with its own messages that are shown as mentioned. Such a program can get your interface copied of solution and provide false login fields where you put in your credentials and they steal it.

2. The Wi Fi Networks from Unknown Sources

You do not know which networks app a user gets connected to. You can be in a new restaurant or a café, or even in a mode of transportation, every one today offers their own very Wi Fi network to their consumers. And obviously the victims fall prey to free usage of the internet and fall into the trap on that same network. They try to guess the exchange of data between the app and server, thereby getting the access to customer’s device. In a few cases, the cyber criminals put their own wireless networks and keep them open to reach the users.

3. Tools Accessed Remotely

There is a huge variety of programs that exists only for complete access and control of the users’ devices. Remote Access Tools also known as the RATs, are not only malware, they are mostly attached with genuine apps that the user cannot even guess. The access that the users give helps the cyber criminals in having a remote access to their devices like mobiles and tablets. They also has the ability to change the security settings, which will help them in reading any information or data on their device, and they can use any app.

4. Vulnerabilities from a Browser 

In a lot of cases, mobile apps also have the same elements that a regular web browser has. There might or might not be the various functions of a browser though. In the browser where one finds the engine vulnerabilities regularly, the mobile app developers will have to update their solution. The space between the discovery of the vulnerability and the fixing, cybercriminals can attack via browser vulnerabilities in your existing app.

5. Phishing

Cyber criminals also come in the form of phishers, they send links to faulty sites via mails, text messaging apps, and SMS messages. The attackers also try copying the website of any business or company, and if they target your users, by sending them a website link that is alike looking like yours or sends you messages that shows to have come from the name of your company, your reputation gets ruined and your name comes down in the online market.

McAfee Total Protection

We are the best known mobile security and Anti-Malware Management solution known all across the globe. If you want an added feature of security to your mobile applications, you need to access to McAfee security solutions, we provide you with a real time detail about files, Web pages, and the Wi Fi connections that you use publicly. Contact our support team at our provided helpline number if you want to avail of the McAfee Total Protection and secure your system and mobile.

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