Fixing the Norton error 8504 104

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Norton is a popularly known antivirus software that has protected millions of devices from all across the world. When Norton crashes it sends Norton error 8504 104. What is more irritating than the actual error is the frequent notification of the error code that keeps showing on the screen till the time the problem is fixed from the scratch. The reason behind the Norton antivirus error 8504 104 is a not supportable program in the background. Memory issues, incorrect graphics drivers, the presence of antivirus malware in your computer, etc are some other reasons for the problem.

The problem you might be facing can be a complicated one, but the fixing guide can be simple, all you need to do is follow the very simple steps for deducting the Norton error 8504, 104. This blog consists of the fixing guide about basic troubleshooting and also some effective measures to overcome your problem. A person who does not have sufficient computers and technological knowledge can also overcome this problem with the help of the following steps.

Steps by step guide to fix Norton Error 8504 104 for Windows 7,8 and Windows 10

Step 1. Shutting down the program in conflict

You need to at first begin with closing all the programs by following the steps given below:

⦁ Click the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together on your keyboard, where a new screen opens, and click on the task manager.

⦁ You can now see a list of programs that are currently running on your system.

⦁ Click on the stop process option, Check all the programs one at a time, and press the End process button.

⦁ Look for the error that is appearing on your screen when you are trying y to close the programs, and after you have identified the program that is causing the error, go forward with the next step.

Step 2. Reinstalling the program in conflict

⦁ If your computer has Windows 7, then click on the Start button, and then select the Control Panel, press the uninstall option on the program.

⦁ If your computer has Windows 8, then go to the start button; and this is where the list opens. Go to more settings, and select the Control Panel, and click the option to uninstall a program.

⦁ If you have Windows 10 installed on your PC, then click on the search box and here go to the Control Panel, press the enter option, and click on uninstall a program.

⦁ After you have completed the steps required, go to the option of programs and features, select the program that has been creating the problem, and then choose the update or uninstall.

⦁ As per your requirement, you need to follow the required steps and the instructions given on screen for uninstalling or updating the program.

⦁ Next, reinstall your application from the original website or from the installation disk.

Step 3. Running the Norton tools of remove or reinstall

⦁ Go to the official Norton website on your computer.

⦁ Navigate to the Norton remove and reinstall tool option on the website.

⦁ Click on the download option placed beside the tool.

⦁ When you need to save any file, then select desktop. ( it is at times selected as download or documents by default).

⦁ Let some time pass so that the download is completed.

⦁ Click on the NRnR option on the computer for launching the installation.

⦁ On the terms and conditions, select the agree to option and follow the provided instructions tell you that the installation is completed.

⦁ Next, open the program and press the option of the advanced options tab.

⦁ Click on remove only and choose remove from there.

⦁ You then need to click on the restart when you see these instructions on the screen.

⦁ After your machine is rebooted, now follow the instructions of the latest downloaded tool for removing and reinstalling Norton.

Step 4. Removing the software that is non-Norton and non-Symantec

Use the following steps to uninstall the non-Norton software:

⦁ First and foremost, navigate to the Control Panel on your device.

⦁ Click on the features and programs.

⦁ Go through the list, find the product that is non-Symantec product, and click on the uninstall or remove option.

⦁ In addition, you need to confirm that your software is not being used by an unknown authority. If it is been so, then you need to remove that too.

Step 5. Reinstalling or updating the graphics driver

⦁ The run dialogue box should be opened by clicking together the Windows and R keys.

⦁ After the run dialogue box is opened, enter devmgmt.msc.

⦁ Open the display adapters from the device manager window,

⦁ Right click on the HD graphics card and then click on properties.

⦁ Go to the Driver tab, from there confirm if the graphics card driver you are using is outdated or the latest one.

⦁ If it is an old one, then download and install the current version drivers with the help of the instructions given on screen.

⦁ Reboot your computer and start using the Norton antivirus and check if the Norton error 8504, 104 is working or not.

Norton expert support

If you are not able to fix the Norton error 8504 104, it is because the users can’t deduct an error having technical issues. This is when you can avail our expert support team and can rely on them for getting your error fixed. Feel free to contact the Norton support by calling on our helpline number. +1 123 456 7890 , +1 987 654 3213

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