My email is hacked

My email is hacked! What are the steps to get it back and secure again?

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Just when you realize that your email got hacked, your immediate thought would be to wonder what you will be doing next.

Do not worry, just take a deep breath first, calm down and begin with your action to cure it. There are five steps that will be helping you in preventing or lowering the damage that a compromised account did on you.

So why do you that the hackers are after your email accounts? The thing is, that your email account of yours is a trove of treasure. It is a good storage place that contains details and talks with your friends and family that have been going on for years now. It also contains important details such as your email from banks, from online stores, doctors, businesses, and others. To say, your email account is a hub of all your personal info stored in a single place and therefore making your email account a steal for the hackers.

Let us take a closer look at how you can control your email account once again, and what are the things that you can do to not get it vulnerable to the hackers in the first place.

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You will not be able log in your email account: 

This point is quite clear. You need to go and check your email and realize that your combination of username and password is getting rejected. You keep on trying again and again, as you are aware that you have been using the correct password, and still you are not able to log in. This is where you know that a hacker has found out your password, logged in to your account, and have changed your account’s password, there by locking you out and now your account is under their control.

You received a text like “Did you send this email to me?” from one of your friends or colleague.

Hackers do not stop right there after hacking your account. They do not like compromises and want to conquer email accounts on a large scale by to spread malware through your hacked account. By spreading emails to a lot of people on your contact list that is hacked, they get access to reach from tens to hundred of other accounts. They leave an affected email that has an affected attachment infected with the malware and spread it to every one in your list. However, it is true that these emails do look weird and odd. They also do not at all sound like the person they are trying to be like, which is why your contacts reassure you if you have really sent them the mail or text.

On the other side, this is your sign to not open attachments you do not find appropriate. Likewise, if you receive an odd email from your friend or contact, make sure that they are aware of it quickly. You may be the first one to get it and they will know that their email is compromised.

Slow performance of your machine: 

A slow device is a sign of being a malware affected. What malware does it act as if a system and resource are hogged, therefore causing your device to work slowly, to turn it off and on all the time and suddenly, and also turning it hot. In some situations, the malware leads to the keystrokes getting logged on your computer. It will also tap your phone and sign off things such as your usernames and passwords for making it easier for a hacker to take control of the accounts related to them, especially your bank accounts. This will make a case for the protection that has been automatically installed for protecting you against the newest threats.

What can I do if my email has been hacked? 

1) Change the passwords: 

Changing your email account password is the first thing that you should do. Use a strong, and a unique password that contains alphabets, numbers, special cases and characters. do not use a password of another account or a password that you have been using previously. Then, update the passwords for all the other accounts too if the passwords were similar for them. Making use of a password manager from a legitimate online protection software will be of help.

2) Use the recovery service of your email provider, if required: 

If you have been locked out from your email account as you think the hacker has changed your password. There must be a recovery service that is provided by your email provider of a webpage when your password is lost or stolen. This is the reason why you are given security questions and asked for another contact information along with your provider currently. This is how you can control your account.

3) Scan your machine for viruses and malware: 

As said above, there are various ways how a hacker can get your email account details, one of them is with the help of a malware. Give your computer a thorough scan for virus scan with the help of the best quality online protection software for ensuring the security of your device and to know that it is free from malware. Set an automatic scan if you did not have it already. Use Avast Antivirus Support without a second thought.

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