What are the steps to fix Norton Antivirus not working issue?

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Norton is believed to be one of the best antivirus security software that is available for customers in the market. It can be highly relied on as it has set its position among the top competitors in the market. There are times when the users face trouble with the functioning of their antivirus software when they are trying to install the software on their Windows or Mac personal computer. A single wrong step in the process of installation can lead to its corruption and the antivirus won’t be fitted on your machine. Therefore, if your  Norton Antivirus does not work after installation, it is because of the issue you faced during installation of the software, and thus, it did not set up rightly.

In this blog post, we are looking forward to sharing some basic guides to troubleshoot your issue so that we help you fix Norton’s working issues on your personal computer.

I am unable to open my Norton. How can I fix it?

There probably must be some issue with the software if you are unable to open your Norton after its installation. There are times when the Norton antivirus won’t open regarding the upgrade of errors. The latest software is updated frequently by the company in order to make sure that the Norton antivirus provides the best experience with their customers. Therefore, it is recommended to check for the latest updates if any, and if there is any available software for your application and device, you should install it.

Mentioned below is a step by step guide for updating the Norton antivirus software:

Do not panic if your Norton is not opening on your computer. What you have to do is upgrade your software with the latest one and use the best security options that the application offers. Below are the step by step guide for upgrading the Norton antivirus software:

  • Open the ” security settings”.
  • You must have a secured internet connection.
  • Click on the ” live update”  option.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

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Reinstallation of Norton Antivirus Software

Any wrong input during the installation of the antivirus software is the reason your Norton security does not open after installation. Go through the step by step guide to follow in order to fix your problem:

  • Go to the Norton official website
  • Download the Norton removal tool.
  • Double tap on the file that has been downloaded to make it run.
  • Choose the option of “ remove and reinstall”.
  • Choose “Remove”,  and click on the ok button.
  • The uninstallation is completed.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Re-installed the Norton Antivirus software from the official Norton website.

Use Norton power eraser

If Norton 360 does not respond on your machine, you have to use the Norton power eraser. Scan your system for issues by using insights from the cloud application. It helps in detecting any malware or virus on your device and finally removes it.

  • Go through the step by step guide for using the Norton power eraser:
  • Visit Norton Antivirus’s official website.
  • Download the power eraser.
  • After downloading, select the setup file.
  • Accept “ Terms and agreement”.
  • The scanning process now begins and the issues are troubleshot.
  • Modifications can be done as per your preference.
  • Restart the computer.

Check Compatibility Mode

One of the reasons that your Norton Antivirus is not working on your computer is the issue with compatibility mode. To fix the issue, you are required to check the compatibility mode. Below is the step by step guide to follow:

  • Disable the “ compatibility mode” for Norton antivirus if you cannot install the software
  • Download Norton Antivirus software on your computer.
  • Select the Norton product that is not rightly installed on your computer from the properties.
  • Choose the compatibility tab,
  • Uncheck the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” option.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.
  • Click on the Ok button for disabling the compatibility mode.
  • Click the “Apply” button.
  • Check the installation instructions for reinstalling the Norton Antivirus software on your machine.
  • The previously downloaded application should be deleted and replaced with the latest one.

It is absolutely necessary to click on the Agree button on the license agreement. After removing the software, you have to restart the computer and then move forward with the Norton installation instructions for installing the software on your computer.

The Bottom Line

Norton antivirus security software has great features and performance. It helps you in keeping your computer protected against all types of cyber attack. It removes Malware or viruses from your machine that corrupts your device’s performance so as you give you the best Norton services. It can easily be installed on your device if you follow some simple guidelines. Once the installation is done, the software protects your computer from every online threat.

If your antivirus still does not work, we recommend you to get expert advice

The above mentioned steps will guide you to troubleshoot Norton Antivirus which is not working not your device. Even after following the steps, you still do not find a fix for your error, feel free to contact the expert and get support from the technical engineers.  +1 123 456 7890, +1 987 654 3213

Our professionals are happy to help you in finding the best solution to your problem and make sure that you get nothing but the best experience from us. Our help support numbers are open 24*7, so that you can call our professionals anytime you face a problem.

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